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About Circa Amsterdam

The iconic building has a long history. The design by acclaimed American architect Richard Buckminster Fuller was introduced at the World Expo in Montreal in 1967. The spherical construction with a fully self-supporting 60-meter wide span was a novelty as it was the first geodesic dome in Europe. For a long time, Circa Amsterdam’s dome was the largest aluminium dome in the world.

The roof construction comes from Schiphol Airport, where it was initially brought into use in 1971 as an aviation museum. It was removed in 2003 because the museum required more space, and moved to Lelystad. The construction was stored in sea containers only to be reused again in 2018 to build an event venue. Circa Amsterdam has been located here since April of 2023.


You won’t find a more sustainable venue than Circa Amsterdam! For example, the entire building is equipped with LED lighting, the ceilings are made from scrap wood, the toilet bowls are recycled, and the walls have all been made from recycled plaster. The front sides of the bars have been made from the containers in which the dome used to be stored. Additionally, the flooring consists of 75% reused materials and there is a cold-heat storage installation for the cooling and heating of the venue, while there is also a possibility to use district heating. This means that there is no need to use gas!

  • High isolation: EPC of 0.98% (EPC is the level of energy efficiency), Circa Amsterdam has energy label A+++;
  • All the lights in the building are LED;
  • Scrap wood ceilings;
  • Reused toilet bowls;
  • All walls are made of recycled plaster;
  • The walls of the sub spaces are papered with recycled wallpaper;
  • The fronts of the bars are made of the material of the containers in which the dome was stored;
  • The floor is made of 75% recycled materials;
  • The facades and floors of a couple of areas were acquired from the tax authority in Hoofddorp;
  • Thermal storage installation for cooling and heating the building;
  • If necessary, district heating is used. So no gas is required.


Circa Amsterdam is very easily reachable. The venue is located at a prime location at the exits of highways A5 and A10 and merely 900 meters from Station Sloterdijk. Furthermore, there are 240 parking spaces available at the venue itself.